Chieff is a creative force who has found various ways to successfully live out what inspires him. Through his creative agency, Undisposable, he has served an impressive list of clients- SoundCloud, Reebok, Iverson, and Canada Goose to name a few…it’s Chieff’s latest venture that takes the branded experience he offers customers to a new level – Aunty Lucy’s Burgers!

Aunty Lucy’s is a smash burger joint in Toronto, Canada that is making headlines. Check out our interview to find out how Chieff has weaved his Ghanian heritage into the experience, how he made the pivot to the culinary industry in the middle of the covid pandemic, his collaboration with chef Adrian Forte and his advice to African Diasporan entrepreneurs who want to tell their own stories.

*For the month of February, Aunty Lucy’s is selling bottled shito (a spicy, delicious pepper sauce from Ghana) and giving all proceeds as well as 50 meals to Uplift Kitchen, a foot security initiative for Black, Indigenous, and racialized communities in Toronto and surrounding areas.*

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